Karel Dušek Award

In an effort to stimulate high-level science and its perfect communication, the KD Fund announces the contests for the outstanding papers presented by young and early-stage researchers: undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D. students, and postdocs at these distinguished international polymer conferences in 2023

European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers

Contest for the Karel Dušek Award at 11th ECNP Conference, Lodz, Poland, 2023

Polymer Meeting in Bratislava

Contest for the Karel Dušek Award at the Polymer Meeting 15, Bratislava, Slovakia

The contributions will be awarded for a deep understanding of the given topic within macromolecular science, conveying scientific clarity, imagination, and potential for further developments of either theoretical or applied science endeavor

The winning contributions at both events will be selected by a panel of experts working on-site in close consent with the organizers of the conference.

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